Need to do two things, if UFrame can do it, my day is saved :)

Nov 24, 2009 at 4:59 PM

I have two questions, if Uframe can do these, it will make my week.
I have a jquery based form, has a querystring called ID.
1. How can I pass this querystring to  a child page contained within my Uframe?
Ie the parent level page  has query string id=3
I need the page that is loaded in the uframe to get this id at load, so in the uframe I need loaded childpage.aspx?ID=3

2. Say I have a button on a child page contained in a uframe.  Can I address the button from the parent level page and force a click()?
Are controls in child pages hosted in Uframes accessiable from the parent page, is how?
Similarly can parent controls be accessed from the within the child uframe?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!